Car Insurance for a Multi-Car Policy

A Car Insurance Policy For The Multi-Car Family

Car Insurance is required in Corpus Christi, Texas

Auto Insurance Is Required

Car insurance is mandatory. If you’re going to be driving a car, then you’re legally required to have car insurance. Each car you own needs to be insured, and each family member who will drive the cars you own should be listed on your car insurance policy. 

Each state has different laws around how much insurance you are required to have. Lone Star Insurance makes it easy for you to have the legal amount of coverage by providing you with the minimum requirements for your state. You can then adjust your levels of coverage based on what best fits your family’s needs.

Lone Star Insurance Makes It Convenience And Easy

Whether you have two cars or six, three teenagers driving or it’s just you and your partner, being able to put all of the cars on one policy is much simpler and more convenient than having several different insurance policies, perhaps with different insurance companies, different payment and renewal dates, and different claims experiences. It’s confusing enough just to think about. 

But it is important to remember that the cars on the policy have to be owned by the primary policyholder—that means they have to be on the titles of the cars. If, for example, a husband and wife each own their own cars, and the husband is the only person listed on the title for his car and the wife is the only person listed on the title for her car, they each will need to get their own car insurance for their cars. 

The drivers listed on a policy, however, can be anyone in the household who drives the cars on the policy. So, the husband can still add his wife as a driver on the policy for his car, and the wife can add her husband on the policy for her car.

Milestones For The Family

Big life milestones are a good time to reassess your car insurance coverage—if the insurance company you’re with is still the best fit and to make sure you have enough coverage for your needs and your family. 

For example, you may want to think about your levels of coverage when you add a teen driver or your college student to the policy. Or, you may want to adjust your levels of coverage when you get a new car, like a larger vehicle to transport a growing family, as different vehicles will affect your car insurance rate differently.

Some Reasons To Take Another Look At Your Car Insurance

Yes, your car insurance rate will increase when you have a multi-car policy. The more cars there are to insure, the higher your rate will be. This is true of any insurance company. Your rate is based primarily on how you drive. That means good drivers could save hundreds on a car insurance policy, even with multiple cars. 

Most insurance companies raise premiums significantly for teen drivers, who they label as high-risk. Most Insurance companies rates are primarily based on how people drive—even teenagers. That means when your teenager takes the test drive, they could help get a lower rate for your family car insurance plan. 

You can save even more money for your family by bundling your auto policy with homeowners insurance. Not only could you get a good driving discount to save hundreds a year on car insurance, but you’ll also get an automatic discount on your homeowners insurance for bundling. And it’s simple to bundle with Lone Star Insurance. 

Ready to see how much you could save on a multi-car insurance policy for your family with Lone Star Insurance?

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